Live fire   audio from the Philadelphia region

*NEW* Fire tones to e-mail service
Get fire voice pages right on your PC, tablet or smartphone!

We are pleased to offer a tone alert to e-mail service for those who wish to receive e-mailed "pages" from various fire companies. Here's how it works: The dispatcher transmits the fire station's 2 tone set, and our automated software does one of two things:

1) Our recorder is then activated and records dispatch audio for 45 seconds. Once the 45 seconds is over, the recording is encoded and sent via e-mail to the subscribers. What you end up with is an e-mail that says "Bucks Co Station 8 page received at 15:24:34 on 12/14/13" with an attached mp3 file which is the dispatch audio. When you receive this e-mail, you simply open the e-mail and click on the attachment to listen to the call. It's like having a voice pager, only with about a 1 minute delay. 

2) Our software immediately sends an e-mail to you without any audio file that says "Bucks Co Station 8 page received at 15:24:34 on 12/14/13".

This is perfect for those who do not have a voice pager, or those who just want to know what's going on in their area or want to archive records and audio from their station's calls. It is also handy for the news media, restoration services, fire buffs, and others who do not wish to monitor the scanners or online feeds constantly just to hear a bunch of routine calls and/or EMS calls. NOTE: This should NOT be used as a primary means of alerting for your station. This is meant to be used as a secondary form of station alerting, and e-mail receipt times may vary depending on e-mail service, phone carrier, internet provider, etc.

We can setup any subscriber to receive any fire tones for any station. Currently we cover the following counties:

Philadelphia, PA (only alerts when a long tone, like a tactical or box is transmitted)

Bucks County, PA

Burlington County, NJ

Camden County, NJ

Gloucester County, NJ

Our receiver radios are public safety grade radios with a quality rooftop antenna setup, and are dedicated to each county's dispatch channel. Our coverage of Burlington County is excellent throughout the County, and our coverage of Bucks County is fair above Doylestown and excellent below. Camden and Gloucester Counties also have excellent signal. We can also offer EMS tone alerts for Bucks County, however we may not have the tone info for some of the new EMS squads, so check with us to see if we have your squad. If we do not have your squad, but you can provide us with the tone information, we can add it for you. We can also add “chief tones” for Bucks County, but we do not currently have any tone information for them.

We are currently offering our service free of charge for any active firefighter or EMS. Each firefighter or EMT/Paramedic may receive alerts for 2 sets of tones (2 stations, or 1 station and 1 squad). If you provide the “chiefs tones” for your station, you can receive those free of charge also. If you are not an active firefighter or EMS, we offer 3 tiers of paid service, all of which include unlimited tones for unlimited stations in any county we cover. For paid unlimited subscribers, we can customize which stations you get alerts for. As an example, if you are only interested in working fires, we can setup so that you only receive stations that have rescue companies (which would be dispatched for RIT calls). You can specify any custom sets of tones! The 3 fee tiers are:

$5 per month

$25 for 6 months

$45 per year

Payments can be made via PayPal or cash (in person).

We would also be willing to exchange free service if you have a way you can assist us in what we do. Currently we are seeking a site within Bucks County that we can establish a fire feed with better coverage of the county. This would entail setting up one of our portable scanners and a laptop computer at your site. Your site would need to have a 24 hour internet connection (wireless or wired) and preferably a secure location for our equipment (if at a fire station, a locked office would be ideal). If interested, please let us know.

If you want to sign up, let us know the following:

Type of service (free or paid)

  • Any fire or EMS affiliation (we will need to verify for free service)

  • Which tones you want to receive alerts for

  • The e-mail address you wish to receive the alerts on (we suggest a secondary e-mail, which you could then setup a custom ringtone for. We have a Minitor II ringtone, let us know if you want it).

For more information and to get started, e-mail is at [email protected]